Infinify Service

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A few months ago, we implemented, during one of our hackdays, an infinite recommender for Spotify for private usage.

Today, we announce we’ve just published this service to the public for FREE, allowing multi-user accounts using OAUTH, so you can use Infinify without installing or configuring the service by yourself.


This service is available on and you just need to identify in the app using your Spotify account.

Bank Holiday Hackday: Algorithmic Trading

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As it is becoming tradition, we dedicated the last UK bank holiday to hacking activities. In this occassion we wanted to something bitcoint-related, as it is lately all the rage. We developed on the idea of an automated investing algorithm that would use an API to buy/sell bitcoin automatically, trying to maximize earnings and minize losses. Read on to find out our results!


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We are working on a remake of the classic Skyroads PC game. The project is still in early stages of development but as promised we want to give more continuous updates over the course of the development.

What Is 4K and HDR ?

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It is now the E3 2017, and with the presentation of the Xbox One X (code name Scorpio) and the Playstation Pro already in the market, we hear a lot of buzzwords like 4K, HDR, Teraflops, etc. So in this post we’re going to try to put this simple, so you know what they mean.


The most popular term these days on TVs is 4K or Ultra HDs (Some have even introduced 5K ).

What 4K really means is 4 thousand pixels, or to be more precise, actually in the order of 3840 (or 4096) pixels. Compared to the previous and most common resolution of 1080p or Full HD, 4K basically means 4 times bigger.

comparison resolutions