Procedurally Generated Engine With Websockets

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We have been working for some time on an engine for cocos2d for persistent procedurally generated 2D worlds, for building a few ideas based on this concept, like a Zelda-like RPG multiplayer game.


The engine is built in NodeJS, and the server-client communication is fully implemented with websockets (using, cocos2d in the frontend and built together with docker.

Engine features

  • The client will only render the sectors around you, not the whole world.
  • When the player discovers a new sector, the server will populate that sector (new discovered sectors apperars brighter to the user)
  • The currenct sector will appear as red
  • Supports multiplayer (you can see other players next to you)
  • Random name generator for players
  • Move the player using the keyboard, the camera will follow.


Try it out (docker)

If you want to use it for your own game, You can find the code on the repo and share your creation in the comments.

so all you need to run it is to install docker and then docker-compose up.

Open the client on a browser in http://localhost:8000

We may use this engine eventually to build our own game, stay tuned for more details.