Escaperoom X Unlock

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A year ago we showed you a generative escaperoom game on Unity3D. Based on that formula, we decided to create some manually-crafted levels to make the game even better. So we decided to copy the first level design of a card based escaperoom game called Unlock. And the result was as good as we expected.



The game is not yet finished, but because we are going to move to a different project, we thought about showing you a demo of what we’ve built so far.


This is a first look of the mechanics of the game


You can play this demo in here Remember, it is not finished so it could be buggy and you will not be able to finish the level.

Level design

We copied the gameplay of the first level of the unlock game, with the same clues, same objects, similar text entries and even the similar wall textures.


The inventory system

We added to this game a new inventory wheel system, where you pick items and you use them on any other object in the scene using the right click, showing all the items you have on a wheel.


But of course, different items will have a different effect on the item you’re trying to use it on.


It takes a lot to generate the 3d models, implement the logic and replace the card-only mechanics into a 3D videogame; but the result is worth it.

I think, (now that we have proved the concept with a working level design) we could start building our own levels, adding more interactive puzzles (like the laptop one in our previous game).

However, we will pause this project for a while to start working on different stuff, but let us know if you have any interest on playing a game like this at some point in the future.

What do you think about the game? Your feedback is really valuable to us! so please let us know on the comments or on twitter.