RPS: A Phaser.io Simple RTS

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If you follow me or Coconauts on Twitter, you might have seen some GIFs about an RTS game we’re developing on Phaser.io.

Codename: RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors). Is a simple RTS (Real Strategy Game) we’re building using the Phaser.io framework for HTML5 games.

We aim to have a fun and complete game, with campaign, multiplayer and with a fresh interface, compatible with mobile and touch devices.

The main selling point are its simple but effective mechanics. Forget about hundreds of different units with their own powerups, multiple buildings, or advanced research.

This is some of the recent progress we’ve made in the last 2-3 weeks.

  • Minimap
  • Simple AI, sight area, and new map
  • Emojis dialogs

If you want to follow these updates closely, checkout our Project page

And let us know if you want to give us feedback about how to improve the game !