Coconauts 2015 Retrospective

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Year 2015 has come to an end, and as it turns out we do have hoverboards, holograms/augmented reality, yet for some reason hip-kids insist in dressing as lumberjacks rather than in futuristic clothing.

It feels just like yesterday when we were writing our retrospective post last year. Time does fly! So how did we fare this year in comparison?

The year certainly felt as packed as the year before, so we definitely want to keep the momentum going for 2016. Here’s our immediate plans for the year to come:

  • We didn’t do as much gamedev as we would have liked during 2015, so we would like to finish a Unity3D game during the next year. Specially now that Unity3D is available for Linux, there’s no better time!
  • Once again, we want to aim to do more and better posting. 2015 saw regular blog updates until october, but for this year we want to do even better.
  • To help fatten our blog and Github account, we want to commit to talk about our projects even while in an early stage. Instead of doing the development of a game or project in the dark until it is polished enough to show (as done with Exploding Bunnies or Gramola) we want to to show prototypes and betas as early as we have them, and keep our development more open (as we have done with Watchduino2).
  • Speaking of Watchduino2, we plan to continue it’s development due to popular demand, albeit perhaps at a slower pace than we did during 2015.

Wishing a happy and exciting 2016 for all our followers!