A team of geeks building cool stuff

Main Projects

Watchduino 2

WatchDuino 2 is a SmartWatch built in Arduino that uses Bluetooth for sending messages to Android

StarCraft Unity3D

RTS template optimized for mobile, built in Unity3D inspired in StarCraft


Achievements System for Emulators


Generative puzzle game built on Unity3D

About Coconauts

Coconauts is how we refer to ourselves as a team. It’s a made-up word mixing the concepts of astronauts and coconuts. What? How do they relate to each other? In no way whatsoever, but we just thought it sounded kinda cool! It also evokes us of a group of space adventurers exploring the universe for fun and for a living, while not taking things too seriously. Much like the guys driving the Serenity, the Bebop, or the TARDIS, to name just a few!

Together we invest our time and effort into creating things that we think are useful, needed, or fun. Who knows, we might end up taking over the world someday!

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