Github PR Tracker

Sometimes I feel like following changes on PRs on Github is a bit confusing and/or verbose, even with the existing Github notifications or Github pulls interfaces, sometimes the best way was to check your email inbox.

So I decided to create my own Github PR tracker for my own Pull Requests, but also for those that I’m assigned to.

github pr tracker


  • Group pull requests by title, that will allow me to easily visualize changes related between microservices (in different github repos)

  • Visual “Red dot” on those Pull requests that have been updated since you refreshed the page: comment added, commit made, opened pull request…

  • Get quick access to all your relevant PRs, only pin this page on your browser, and forget about dozens of opened tabs or bookmarks.

How to use

First pull the repo from here.

Then you need to create a Github personal access token and use it on the input text on the search (or modify the index.html to add the default value)

Easy and simple.