Coconauts CI

CIs are good, as soon as your projects grow, having a continuous integration software that manages all your apps and deployments is really useful. We have been using a self-hosted jenkins instance in our server for a few years already, and we have some interesting things with it.

However, we have always known that jenkins is too heavy, it consumes too much memory and it has a slow interface, as it is written on Java.

So we were really looking for a lightweight self-hosted CI that could run easily on a Raspberry PI, but we couldn’t find any existing solution, so we decided to build our own, and it was easier that we expected.

This project, called Coconauts CI is still an experiment in progress, but we decided to share it on a early stage.

You can download the project on our Github:


  • Node.js and the Express framework for the backend
  • JQuery for the frontend
  • Powered by Redis database

Key features

  • Simple 1-page only dashboard
  • Easily add or update projects in 2 clicks
  • Execute tasks periodically
  • Clone and update repositories from git (github , bitbucket, etc)
  • Run projects without repository to execute tasks periodically.
  • Slack integration using webhooks
  • Look at previous build logs