RPS: A Phaser.io Simple RTS

Codename: RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors). Is a simple RTS (Real Strategy Game) we’re building using the Phaser.io framework for HTML5 games.

This is a work in progress.

We aim to have a fun and complete game, with campaign, multiplayer and with a fresh interface, compatible with mobile and touch devices.

The main strong point are its simple but effective mechanics. Forget about hundreds of different units with their own powerups, multiple buildings, or advance research.

You can still do zergling rush though.


This is the progress we have done so far (newer to older)

  • Minimap
  • Simple AI, sight area, and new map
  • Emojis dialogs
  • Smart unit positioning
  • Create buildings
  • Collect resources
  • Pathfinding easypath.js