Coconauts 2016 Retrospective

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Another year went by, and this is the third that we find ourselves writing a retrospective in the blog, not bad eh? 2016 hasn’t been too cheerful (at least not for fans of the many stars that have left us this year, or for people with progressive political views in general).

When it comes to Coconauts however it didn’t go too bad:

Our plans of focusing on game making haven’t materialized as much as we would have liked. We’ve also continued blogging very little during the year; although, there is one aspect where we have delivered: more frequent status updates about ongoing projects. Thanks to this, we’ve shown you some prototyes and smaller projects through the year despite not having any big reveals.

So what are our best whishes for 2017? Pretty much the same as the year before:

  • More games
  • More open source
  • More frequent blogging
  • More awesome

See you in 2017, have a good one! =)