Coconauts 2014 Retrospective

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Every time there’s a change of year we can’t help taking a look back to account for everything that is different from the same point one year ago. For Coconauts 2014 has been a really exciting year, and we wanted to have a record of our achievements during the same, so when we take a look back again at the end of 2015 we have something to compare against.

So we are quite happy to see the big leaps taken during the year. We expect 2015 to be at least just as exciting, if not even more! We are in fact going as far as to state a series of commitments:

  • To finally open source Gramola (we’ve actually rewritten it from scratch during the year!).
  • To have a working Watchduino 2.0 prototype.
  • To release at least another game or app.
  • To blog more and better than we’ve done this year.

And on top of all this, we the Coconauts wish all our readers and followers a happy and prosperous year 2015. We are really excited about it because… it’s finally the “future” according to the Back to the Future movies!